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Youth Summer Race Series




With our partners at Asics and Race Penguin, we're happy to introduce The Fast Rabbits Summer Nights Race Series!!!

Presented by: Asics and Race Penguin

Come race with Fast Rabbits all summer long! 

One of the most frequent questions we get about Youth Running is "What are some kid friendly races that have a lot of kids running?"  

While we can always recommend any Race Penguin event, we thought to ourselves: there should be a kid-centered event. One where kids could come and try out running events if they were new to it, or challenge themselves to run further or faster than they had before. Maybe even get ready for their cross country season in the fall!

So what is this?

A three event race series to take place on June 27th, July 11th, and August 1st.

The races will start promptly at 6:00pm in the evening, so the kiddos can have a "racing under the lights" experience. 

Sounds great! Where are the races?

We have a loop course at Glacier Ridge Metro Park. 
The races will start at the Dog Park area of the park (Google Maps pin here)

Course Map (1 and 2 mile options)available here 
Course Map (1/2 mile option) available here


That's fun! How much does it cost?

Individual events are $15.00 each, with an optional t-shirt add-on of $10. 

If you sign up for all 3 events at once the cost is $40.

That's a great deal for a summer of racing!


Anything else I should know?

Our partners at Asics will be at each event to hand out fun goodies and some snacks for pre/post run.

We'll have some popsicles for after the race for athletes and parents to enjoy!

Make sure to craft a sign at packet pick-up to help you cheer on your young athlete!


Race day schedule is listed below:

Registration tables open at 5:30pm

1/2-mile race: 6:05pm
1-mile (Grades K-5): 6:20pm
1-mile (Grades 6-12): 6:35pm
2-mile (Grades K-5): 6:50pm
2-Mile (Grades 6-12): 7:20pm

(kindly note this schedule might change before race day based on registration and/or other factors)


My athlete has never raced before, can I run with them?

Yes, you can!

However due to to course and safety limitations we must stipulate that only 1 parent of a registered athlete can run with them at a time. 

Otherwise, we ask that adults stay off the course as much as possible and let the kids have their fun!

Oh, What about Packet Pick-Up? Where/when will that be?

Packet pick-up will be at the Fleet Feet Lewis Center location (google maps address here)

The event series packet pick-up will be at Fleet Feet Lewis Center on the following dates/times:
Saturday June 22nd: 1-5pm
Sunday June 23rd: 12-5pm
Monday June 24th: 12-5pm

Will there be on-site Race Day registration and/or Packet Pick-Up?

We will have race day registration, and packet pick-up for those who registered without shirts!


If you are registering on-site on race day, be sure to bring your phone and/or credit card as our friends at Race Penguin will have a QR code to sign up using your phone. Volunteers may be able to assist you by walking you through on your phone, but may not be able to help sign you up.

How do I choose the distance my athlete will race? Can they switch distances? 

Sure thing! We understand that young athletes have their ups and downs just like adult athletes. 

Athletes should try to make their decision before the race if possible, but if they need to switch after doing one loop they need to immediately tell the Race Penguin timing staff so we can ensure correct results.

If they are switching from the 1/2-mile race to another distance, DO NOT START WITH THE OTHER 1/2 MILE RACERS. Please see the Race Penguin staff before the start of the race you're planning on racing so they can switch you.

You will select your distance FOR ALL THREE EVENTS during registration. If you need to switch a distance for a particular event, please reach out as soon as possible.




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