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What gear do I need to complete a marathon?

As your mileage increases, you'll want to double check that you have everything to make your marathon as enjoyable as possible!

  • Properly fit shoes and inserts - switch out shoes around 350-450 miles. Listen to your body as everyone is different. It's also a good idea to get a new pair of the same shoes (assuming they are working well for you) about a month out from your marathon. Use those for your longer runs and that way you'll have a fresh pair for the big day!
  • Properly fit sports bra - 60% of women wear the wrong size bra; and it can be vastly different than your everyday bra. The life of a sports bra is only 6-12 months, especially if you're training everyday. We suggest you replace one of your sports bras each time you change your shoes.
  • Socks and apparel that manage moisture effectively - The apparel and socks we sell are technical and functional but also extremely comfortable! You need to wear apparel and socks that are designed to wick moisture away from your body, helping you stay drier and more comfortable on your run. When you have fabric next to your body that holds on to moisture, it can create friction and that means blisters or chafing!
  • Body Glide - Keep chafing at bay with either the Body Glide balm or the stick! Rub it on the apparel/sock/heart rate strap and on you to create a barrier for blistering and chafing!
  • Hydration unit - We see this often...people rely on the race for their hydration. The benefit to carrying your own hydration unit is that you can stay hydrated when you want and you can drink what you want. You have been training and hopefully trying out different hydration/nutrition options, so continue to use that on race day. Remember, nothing NEW on race day! We suggest that you drink 4 ounces every 15 minutes or 20 ounces an hour.
  • Massage roller - Hopefully your massage roller is already your best friend but if not, pick one up asap! Stretching is great but a massage roller will help reduce scar tissue build up and make stretching that more effective. There are various types of rollers so stop by and try a few before you commit!
  • Compression - Have you seen someone running and seen colored sleeves on their calves and think..."what is that for"? They are a little slice of heaven for your legs...that's what they are! Great to use them either during your run/walk and/or after. When you slip them on, they instantly make your legs feel relaxed. They increase circulation, reduce inflammation and reduce recovery time! There are differences between brands and we proudly sell the two best: CEP and 110%. 
  • GPS watch - Even if you really don't care about your pace, it's great to be able to track your workouts for mileage. And if you want pace and heart rate info to maximize your training, we have that too!
  • Nutrition - As your mileage increases, you'll want to replace your carbohydrate and electrolyte loss. You need to give your body fuel to burn! Use your longer runs as practice to see what tastes good and any effects (good or bad) it has on your system.

Our staff is here to help you along the way! Feel free to stop by to ask some questions or if you need help looking at a few of the items listed above! 

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