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What an incredible time to be a runner or walker in Columbus!

Each weekend thousands of runners and walkers are taking to the streets, paths and trails to live an active, healthy life style! You can't back down your driveway or walk to your mailbox without seeing the movement that is taking place in Central Ohio!

We just had an amazing display of courage, determination and perseverance at the Capital City Half Marathon as 13,000 became champions! Over 50,000 will take over downtown next weekend at the Race for the Cure. Across Central Ohio thousands are getting off the couch for the first time to take on an active endeavor, while the thousands of YOU are out there each day inspiring them as you prepare for your 5Ks, half marathons and full marathons!

Witnessing the courage it takes for someone to take on their challenge, no matter what that challenge may be, is incredible. If you've ever stood along the side of any race course for thirty seconds you understand exactly what I mean. You'll see expressions of joy, determination, pain, confidence, apprehension, etc. Stand at the finish line for thirty seconds and you'll see each of these magnified by 100!

These moments, for all of us, are amazing & incredible destinations along the pathway of our journey. At some point in your past each of you came to a fork in the path. You chose the path that has led you to where you are today.


Your journey has and will continue to lead you to incredible destinations. Prior to your decision to head down this path, would you have ever thought you had what it took to have completed such a task? Would you have had the courage to defy your own beliefs and the beliefs of many around you who probably thought, "You can't do this!"

Now think back to the moment you chose this path. What drove you to make this decision? What inspired you to change your life?


Now that you decided to change your life... now that you are on a journey that few have the courage to take... which path will you chose next? Where will this journey take you? How many others will you inspire along the way?!

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