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What a journey this has been!

By now most of you have wrapped your training and have completed your goal race. To those of you with a few weeks left, you undoubtedly will finish strong and will have an amazing race!

This past Saturday at Cap City(and Sunday at the Pig for others;) marked the culmination of an incredible journey! No matter your goal race finishing off a season of training by completing you goal race is an amazing feeling! Saturday at Cap was no different! The excitement before the race was astonishing!
I've been around a lot of races. Toed a lot of starting lines. And cheered on a lot of runners and walkers.  This time it was different. The passion each of you has brought to MIT has reshaped not just MIT, but our families, our friends and our community!

  As I mentioned Saturday before you all left for the starting line, you have inspired you neighbors, your co-workers and families along the way. Saturday was your chance to inspire Columbus! And that you did!

What you have accomplished is bringing a community to its feet. Your passion,
your drive and your determination is nothing short of uplifting and refreshing. Your display of strength on the course encourages others to find the courage to do the same. The way you each run and walk alongside friends and strangers alike is such an amazing display of humanity, which is a far cry from the world of animosity, greed and selfishness many have simply given up and accepted.  You are proof that with a little compassion and temerity we can reshape an entire community!

Most of you will never be confronted by those you have inspired. But believe me it's happening. I witnessed it several times this Saturday while riding alongside the course.  Twice I heard spectators saying how motivated they were to get out an make a change. I received an a-mail from a young lady who lives in German Village who stated that she had never been a runner, but as she awoke on Saturday to walk to get a cup of coffee she couldn't resist the urge to set out to
accomplish what each of you have now done. You'll see her at MIT on June 8th!

  While it is absolutely extraordinary the effect you are each having on others around. What YOU accomplished was even more so impressive! After all, race day is about YOU, right?!

Along the way Saturday our incredible MIT pacers led the way and helped thousands accomplish their goals. We had NoBo'ers completing their first 5Ks and Quarter Marathons! We had folks like  Ann motivating peeps one tutu at a time! Stuart running backwards (on more than one occasion!) in a kilt!  Jenn, David and Margaret were out cheering on the PR Party (where was the lobster)!  Many instances of folks like Nikki, Bryan, John and David celebrating a day well spent!   Connor finishing up his race, then heading right back out to track down his mother Denise as she finished up her half!  Joyce, Jennifer, and Cheryl cheering on their runners and walkers at the finish line. And countless other amazing moments!

Race day was your day! Whether you walked, ran, volunteered or cheered it was all about you! I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday, and I can't wait to do it all over again with you all next season!

See you June 8th!

Change your life. One mile at a time!


The next season is of MIT is almost here!
We get started again on June 8th! Bring a friend with you to on of our information sessions on June 4th and June 6th! Sessions begin at 6:30pm and will be held at Fleet Feet Sports.

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Still need to sign up? Registration is now open at On May 13th we will officially transfer memberships over to the next season. To be sure that you do not lose access to or miss any newsletters be sure to sign up by May 13th.

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When will the Summer/Fall schedules be posted? The schedules for the summer/fall season will be posted during the week of May 13th. 


As always, if you have additional questions, your pace coaches are amazing resources, or feel free to contact Jeff, Sean, or Stephanie.


Happy Training!

Jeff Henderson 
Stephanie Harless
Sean Huffman
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