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Trail Damage at Alum Creek

*** Update (1.15.14): Met with Gregg and Ed with COMBO this morning. Great step in the right direction. Stay tuned for a message from COMBO and the RRTRA tomorrow on steps we are taking to bring our audiences together for the betterment of all Central Ohio Trails! ***

The Rocks and Roots Trail Race held on Sunday, January 12th has brought about a wide variety of responses. In large part the event was a success, as it brought together over 400 trail runners. It helped bolster a growing healthy and active community in Central Ohio.

The unfortunate end is that the event sufficiently damaged a wonderful resource provided by ODNR and maintained by COMBO (Central Ohio Mountain Bike Organization)

Fleet Feet and the Rocks and Roots Trail Series take this concern very seriously and is taking the steps necessary to repair the damage done.

Fleet Feet had already planned to make a contribution to COMBO out of the proceeds from the event. By working with COMBO, we will assess the damage done and determine what the exact needs are for financial contributions, but MORE IMPORTANTLY man hours in order to repair the damaged trails. We already had trail work days scheduled for the new trail we are building on the other side of Alum, but will be shifting those resources over to the Phase 1 trail once we have a plan of action with COMBO. You can view and sign up for work dates by following this link:

Fleet Feet, the Rocks and Roots Trail Runners organization and COMBO will be working together to repair the trails and further advocate for more resources for future trail building, including the trails presently being built on the southwest side of the reservoir.

We are in the initial stages of relocating the February 9th race to the multipurpose (snowmobile) trails.

As friends, patrons of the trails, and stewards of a healthy, active community know that we will come to a resolution that satisfies the concerns of all parties involved.

Please do not hesitate to call me directly with any questions or concerns that you may have in regards to this situation.


Jeff Henderson

Fleet Feet Sports

Rocks and Roots Trail Runners Association


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