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Track Is Back

Track is back and spikes are rolling in! We have a large variety of models for you to choose from!

Run by anytime to check out all we have to offer, OR come by for our Spike Night Social on Monday, February 19th from 5pm to 8pm! We have a night of fun, free swag, and pizza! Join us for your exclusive high school team sports discount, plus donations back to your team! FIRST 100 to RSVP and show up get a #TRACKISBACK tee! RSVP here!

New Balance, Saucony, Nike, and Hoka are the brands we are carrying. Within all of the spike lines you will find price point spikes and a higher end spike. Most of this has to do with the spike plate. The spike plate on a higher end spike is going to be more aggressive. Price point spikes are great for beginners. 

Mid Distance spikes are great multi-use spikes, for Hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, etc. We will also be carrying a Jumps spike this season from Saucony and Nike. Below are the spikes we are carrying for the 2018 Track season!

New Balance: 
Sprint: SD100, SD200, SD400
Mid Distance: MD500, MD800
Long Distance: LD5K

Sprint: Zoom Rival S, 
Mid Distance: Zoom Rival MD

Distance: Zoom Rival D
Jumps: Zoom Ja Fly 
Throws: Zoom SD

Sprint: Showdown, Spitfire
Mid Distance: Ballista, Vendetta 
Distance: Endorphin, Vendetta
Jumps: Soarin J
Throws: Unleash


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