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Timex ONE Relay coming to the 6Run4!

Timex ONE Relay

Thursday, October 9 - Friday October 31, 2014
Chicago Marathon to NYC Marathon

Coming to the 6Run4 on 10/14

The Timex ONE Relay will be passing through Columbus and we want to show them why we believe the 6Run4 is amazing! Our store will be a meeting point for the runners and as someone who shares our passion for running, walking and what it can accomplish, we want YOU to join us for an end of the day fun run and some refreshments.

We are excited to be a part of the Timex ONE Relay, an 800-mile relay featuring more than 100 runners and spanning the distance between two of the most iconic marathons in the world, Chicago & NYC. For every mile run, Timex will be donating $100 to the causes the runners care about the most. Learn more here and help us change the world one mile at a time:  

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