Thursday Night FrontRunner Fun Runs

Thursday night fun runs are a great way to get in a few miles in the middle of the week! We have 3 mile and 6 mile routes with all paces welcome. With monthly theme nights, visits from vendors, and free gear for accumulating miles throughout the year, the Thursday night fun runs are free, exciting way to meet local runners while staying active during the week!

Here are the top ten reasons you should join us for our weekly fun runs!

  1. Meet other local runners.
  2. Free gear check, water, and Gatorade.
  3. Free seminars and theme nights.
  4. Get free gear for consistency.
  5. Log more mid-week miles with friends.
  6. Explore new areas of Upper Arlington on various running routes.
  7. Make new friends.
  8. Post-run stretching and ab workouts.
  9. Great way to stay motivated.
  10. Stay connected with the local running community.

All you need to do is show up at FrontRunner on Lane Ave at 6pm on Thursday nights. Sign in, check your gear, pound the pavement, and log your miles! We’ll plan on taking off for the runs at 6:30pm.

Incentive Mile Goals for 2016 (June through December)

50 miles - FrontRunner FunRuns short sleeve tech shirt (average 9 miles per month)
100 miles - FrontRunner FunRuns long sleeve tech shirt (average 18 miles per month)
144 miles - FrontRunner FunsRuns ¼ zip jacket (average 24 miles per month or running the six mile loop every week from June to December)

Note - Incentive goals are cumulative so that once you hit 50 miles you earn the short sleeve shirt and your mile count continues on towards 100 miles for the long sleeve tech shirt and so on. So hitting 144 miles in the remainder of 2016 will get you all three incentives!

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