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October in Columbus

Columbus has a lot of great things going for it; a revitalized downtown, a solid economy in a state that is otherwise floundering, an ever-growing system of trails and shared-use lanes throughout the streets and neighborhoods of the Columbus, and a community that was once rated as the second fattest city in the nation is slowly but surely falling off that list as Columbus becomes a more FIT city. With the arrival of October comes the gradual changing of leaves creating a brilliant display of nature’s beauty, relief from the heat and humidity of summer, and the Columbus Marathon!


For months runners and walkers across the state and from various other points across the country have been preparing for what is becoming one of the finest marathons in the country. As the weeks have past more and more people are hitting the trails logging mile after mile. Some might see is as congestion and overcrowding of our lovely trails. In reality is a phenomenal movement that is gaining more momentum each and every day in Columbus.

The running, walking and cycling community in Columbus is booming. It is truly inspiring to head out to the trails any day of the week to see thousands of people heading in all directions. It wasn’t all that long ago that you would see only a handful of runners, walkers and cyclists utilizing the paths. Many of those were your hardcore, seven-day-a-week types who would scoff at the idea of the “casual” runner, walker or cyclist taking over the miles of trails in Columbus. With time more and more “casual” patrons of the paths have developed a passion for their new healthy lifestyles and are now every bit as hardcore as fitness enthusiasts of old!


In thirty-two years the Columbus Marathon has grown along with the changing landscape of fitness in Columbus. The excitement, if not obsession, with logging miles in preparation for the Columbus Marathon is contagious. The courage and motivation required to complete such a journey is moving those who were previously less inclined to get off their couches to not only cheer on the hordes of runners and walkers, but they are now joining in on the movement!


Next Sunday, October 16th, will be a great day for Columbus. The greatest display of ambition will take part on the streets as barriers will be broken down, goals conquered, aspirations achieved, and new visions for the future will take hold. On October 16th nothing can stop the movement. We are the movement. And so are you. Be the movement.

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