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Join us at the Unicorn Mile Block Party & Cheer Station

Join us at the Unicorn Mile at mile 18 on the Columbus Marathon course. We are hosting the biggest block party on the course as we cheer on our favorite runners, and give little extra encouragement to those striving to earn their BQ and Unicorn Mail! 

What do you need to do? Register here, and show up on race day at at 7:30am to help set up an epic block party! Plan to stick around until 1pm or so, so that we can cheer on all the runners rocking out the full marathon!

What do you get? All registered guests receive a FREE Unicorn Mile Tee, and a day filled with shenanigans, and fun times!

What does it cost? Nothing, it's a block party! We can't charge our best friends for coming to hang out and cheer on a bunch of runners!

What should you wear? Whatever you want! Dress for the elements. We will encourage everyone to slip on the Unicorn Mile Tee over whatever you bring. Extra credit ($20 store credit) to anyone dressed as a unicorn for the day!

What should you bring? Food and beverage to keep you and your unicorn friends fully charged up, and ready to spread unicorn cheer!

Where is it? The Unicorn Mile Block Party and Cheer Station is located directly across the street from FrontRunner Upper Arlington (1344 W Lane Ave) The store will be open for use of restrooms, and storing of any food and beverage, unicorns, and rainbows.

Register here by October 1st to gaurantee your FREE Unicorn Mile Tee!

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