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Dress for Winter Success!

Photo: It's not too cold for Libby to pound the pavement because she is decked out in all the right winter gear!  She is sporting the Saucony Run Mitt which is wind/water resistant, the ultra sustainable Nike Legend Tight made from 10+ water bottles, the Nike Element Shield Full Zip, insulated and wind proof to protect you from the coldest gusts of wind along with the Brooks Infiniti headband and Brooks balaclava to keep her nose and ears nice and toasty!  Come by today to get your winter running gear!

When the temperature drops, it is important that you are dressed appropriately. Layering is the most important factor to keep warm, but avoid the temptation to overdress. You want to dress as though it is 20 degrees warmer than it actually is. 

When layering, you want to start with a snug fitting base-layer, such as the Mizuno Breath Thermo long-sleeve, or other moisture wicking long-sleeve tops. Wind is the number one element that causes you to get cold, so don't overlook a good wind-breaking outer layer such as the Brooks Essential Run Jacket. Everyone's body manages cold differently. Some may need a mid-layer such as a half zip or other breathable top to wear between your base and outer layers, while some may be fine with a base layer and jacket. Trial and error is the only way to get an accurate understand of how your personal thermostat works. 

Keeping your legs warm is also important. Remember though, that your legs will warm up very quickly once you get moving. Some may need insulated pants that will provide additional warmth and protection from the wind, but use insulated pants with caution. You may find yourself sweating just a few miles into your run, which can lead to discomfort.  

Hats and gloves are also highly important as you want to ensure that your head and hands are protected. Fleece hats do a great job of keeping the noggin warm while allowing it to breath. We have a variety of gloves that are fleece lined. Some have wind breaking material on the exterior to provide extra protection from the elements.

For the gentlemen out there getting a wind brief is extremely important. I don't have to expound on the lovely feeling that comes from running unprotected in the cold. Wind briefs will provide the protection you need.

Ladies, we didn't forget you! Protect your girls with the proper support of a good, well-fitting sports bra. Our staff is fully trained in bra fit. Ask one of our staffers for help getting the proper fit.

If you have any questions at all, our staff at Fleet Feet Columbus is well versed in the appropriate gear for winter and is eager to help. Stop in and ask any of them for assistance.

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