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Don?t let the ice and snow slow your training!

Winter is a tough time to train without doubt. Cold temperatures, ice and snow all pose hazards while out on the roads and trails. However with the proper precautions you can make it through the winter without missing a step. Check out the following winter running tips to ensure you get in all your mileage this winter.

  1. Dress appropriately!
    1. Always dress as though it is 15-20 degrees WARMER than it actually is.
    2. Hats and gloves are a must. Experiment to find the right thickness for you.
    3. Dress in moisture wicking layers. Know your body and don’t overdress!
    4. Wind resistant materials on top and bottom are very helpful. Make sure the material is still breathable. GORE-TEX is not breathable.
    5. Wear moisture wicking socks. Wool can be great this time or year.
    6. Some folks like to wear Yaktrax on the snow and ice for better traction. They’re like snow tires for your feet!
    7. Slow Down – Don’t force yourself to maintain pace.
    8. Shorten your stride! Nothing can cause a slip like a good heel strike. Keep your stride shorter so that your foot is striking beneath your center of mass, not in front!
    9. Keep an eye out for black ice! I like running on the crunchy edge of roads and trails because you are less likely to slip. The footing may be a bit uneven so watch your step.
    10. Fresh powered snow is your friend! A couple inches of snow can make for a great run. Typically, fresh snow is pretty safe to run on as it shouldn’t be too slippery.
    11. Trust your body and know that you can get out and have a great run in the snow if you don’t push it. Relax and enjoy! It’s like riding a bike downhill…tense up and you’re going down. Stay relaxed and enjoy and you’ll stay upright all winter long!
    12. If you must dodge the elements don’t choose the couch! Find a treadmill, elliptical, pool, ab blaster, something! Stay active and keep your active routine going and you’ll have a great winter of training!

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