How to Start Trail Running in Cincy


Trail running can be super beneficial to all runners. You get to run in a new environment, connect with nature, and relieve some of the impact on your legs from the softer surface. The question is, how do you start trail running, especially in Cincinnati? 

1. Trail Shoes

 Trail shoes are very similar to your typical road shoes. You have every type of shoe from minimal to high cushion, structured to more free fitting, and chunky to light and fast. It can be difficult to look through this spectrum of shoes and find which one is best for you. This is where our fit specialists can come in to help! They can pull up your FitID scan and narrow down the type of shoes that will best fit your feet. With that list they can use the information you provide to them about where you are running and what type of shoes you currently run in to better be able to find you the right shoe for your feet and activities!

2. Where to Run!

Cincinnati has a ton of different parks and trails to run! Each park boasts their own unique features such as hills, wildlife, muddy trails, technical trails, and much more! It's tough to find which park works best for you. We tried to make it easier for you! Check out our list of Top 5 Parks for Trail Running in Cincinnati

3. Apparel

 Trail runners have a very unique sense of style. Some you will see out running in the most techinical apparel. Others you will see running in a flannel with the sleeves cut off and 2in split shorts. Fortunately, you don't have to think too much about what to wear. All of the apparel that we offer in store offers a high level of moisture whicking and comfort while being stylish! Check out popular brands like Vuori, Lululemon, Nike, Brooks, and much more!


Looking for a unique race with a group of fun trail runners to help you get into the trail scene? Check out the Ohio Parks Trail 5x5 Challenge. This series of races features 5 different 5k's in 5 different parks throughout the Cinicnnati area. Interact with 3 of our top trail brands including Altra, Hoka, and Saucony. Celebrate after all of the runs at the Fifty West Brewing Beer Garden!


Need more to motivate you to stick to trail all year? Check out the Dirt Days Trail Series! There's 7 more races throughout the year this year with one race per month until October.Each race varries in distance from 2 miles all the way up to 11 miles. Every route tours through different and unique parks throughout the city!

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