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5 Places to Run in Cincinnati to Avoid the Hot Sun

How To Stay Cool in Cincy

This summer has been a doozy with the heat and humidity. This makes it difficult to find the motivation to go out on a run. Fortunately, we're here to make sure you get out there and still enjoy your run. Here are 5 different places around Cincinnati that will give you shade and keep you cool while running, plus some accessories to help you feel as comfortable on your run as possible!



Winton Woods offers loads of trails with tree coverage. There are 2.6 miles of paved trails around the lake offering great tree coverage as well as multiple dirt trails spewing off of them. Water fountains are sprinkled throughout for you to grab a drink while you're running around the park.


The bike trail can be somewhat flat and boring, but this trail offers optimal shade while out running. You can go north from our 50W store or either direction from our Loveland store for any distance and have shade the entire time. Make sure to bring water with you on this route as there are no water fountains until Loveland! Check out some handhelds we recommend to help you stay hydrated.


Sharon Woods is very similar to Winton Woods. It offers the same distance on the path around the lake at 2.6 miles PLUS the 1 mile fitness trail and 0.7 mile Gorge Trail with a beautiful waterfall overlook! There are plenty of hill options here too to help you practice for those Cincy races! Check out some CEP socks to help your calves recover after running up and down the hills.


Glenwood Gardens has 2.6 miles of trail between the nature trail and the paved trail. This is all covered by trees! If you need more miles, you can add the bike path that goes through Wyoming to reach your target. Make sure to visit our store in Glendale to grab some electrolytes or salt tabs to prevent cramps while running!


Alright we admit, this isn't a shady route to run every day, but it will be the coolest race you ever run! This fun 5k takes you through OTR but offers a unique finish, A JUMP INTO A POOL! The finish line is inside Ziegler Pool. Hang around after the race for a post race pool party featuring pizza, a special edition Fleet Feet towel, and a nice refreshing, complimentary, 50W Beer! This is a run you don't want to miss.

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