Bidwell Classic Results and Prize Winners!


Congratulations to all who participated in the 2021 Virtual Bidwell Classic! 

To view your result please visit Fleet Feet Chico Race Results - Fleet Feet Chico

Here are at list of your prize winners! 

  1. Winner to the top time in the 5k, 10k and Half for Men and women


Men: Noah Illif

Women: Malinda Wilson


Men: Paul Smith

Women: Katie Crane


Men: Ashley Baldwin

Women: Katie Crane

  1. Winner for the most "average" time.  (based on times and number of participants) male and female in each race.


Men: David Wiest

Women: Vicki Sands


Men: Rey Clark

Women: Jenni Merrell


Men: Rainer Kurz

Women: Jannel Montes

  1. Winner for the top age graded male and female in each race


Men: CJ Michaels

Women: Martina Miller


Men: Paul Smith

Women: Katie Crane


Men: Tom Cushman

Women: Rachael Young


  1. Winner for the slowest participant in each race


Men: Nathan Arendt

Women: Jill Burns


Men: Denny Yang

Women: Brooklyn Nabeta


Men: Joe Buchanan        

Women: Lori Boyd


 5. Winner for the most spirited runner in each race. (tagged pictures to @fleetfeetchico on any social medial platform)

Joaquin Jordan

Giianna lagoria

Mary Smith

Kevin laura

Kristan Coople


Random Winners for every 25 registered:

  1. Jennifer Wright
  2. Authur Lance
  3. Gabriella Troub
  4. Michelle Jordan
  5. Katie Bailey
  6. Ashely Redding

Please come into Fleet Feet Chico during regular business hours to claim your prize! 


For quesitons please email 

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