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The 2024 Fleet Feet Racing Team Kit, as Described by Peter Coffey

"Chicago is without a doubt a five-star city, but we’re best known for four. The ones that are an integral part of our iconic flag, because those four stars tell our full story— from fortifying our foundation to rising from the ashes and beyond. Which is why they’re positioned proudly on the Fleet Feet team kit. To let everyone who we run by know that we are a part of of this city, that we don’t back down from challenges, and that we never put ketchup on hotdogs."

"We’re known as the city of broad shoulders, so we put CHICAGO on our back...literally. This year’s Fleet Feet Racing Team kit once again features our favorite city’s name running (pun intended) down the back. That way, we’ll be carrying our city with us everywhere we go. Because while there might be some pretty sweet nicknames we’re known by, like the Windy City, Second City, Third Coast, or Chi-Town...there’s only one name that matters: CHICAGO."

"From the base of The Bean to the tops of our towers, Chicago’s scenery is stunning. But if there was one feature that truly overshadows the rest, it would our big ol’ beautiful lake. And it’s “great” for a reason. It keeps us warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and turns any day into a lake day. "So it only made sense to mirror the captivating blue color of Lake Michigan on this year’s racing team singlet."

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