Summery Hats from Pistil

I think it is safe to say that the Spring season has finally arrived, which means Summer is not too far behind.  This means its time to hit the beach & do other fun summery things. Make sure to practice Safety First in the sun – invest in a great hat from Pistil to add protection & style to any wardrobe.

pistil sybil

Pistil Women’s Sybil Hat :: Breathable, lightweight & stylish. UPF 50.

pistil mingo

Pistil Women’s Mingo Hat :: Full & floppy brim is perfect for those lazy days at the beach.

pistil paloma

Pistil Women’s Paloma Hat :: Perfect for those easy summer days – reading a book on the porch or sunning at the beach.

pistil hillary

Pistil Women’s Hilary Hat :: Linen & stripes will have you feeling like the East Coast here on the Third Coast!

pistil yarrow

Pistil Women’s Yarrow Hat :: Cute buttons and quilted pattern, this hat screams casual.

pistil gilato

Pistil Women’s Gelato Hat :; Super girly – makes a great add on to any beach bag!

pistil roscoe

Pistil Women’s Madrid Fedora :: Easy does it in this stylish fedora.

pistil frolic

Pistil Women’s Frolic Fedora :: A best seller, this hat goes with just about anything.

pistil quattro

Pistil Women’s Quattro Cap :: Cute & perfect for kickin’ around at the park or traveling.

pistil buttercup

Pistil Women’s Buttercup Cap :: The ultimate girl trucker cap.

pistil dara 1pistil dara visor

Pistil Women’s Lizze Cap and Visor :: You can’t go wrong with this girly running cap or visor.

pistil tbird

Pistil Men’s T Bird Fedora :: Cool, stylish fedora for dudes.

pistil grove

Pistil Men’s Grove Cap :: Brimmed cap for the guy who doesn’t want to wear a sports team logo on the front ;)

pistil slater

Pistil Men’s Slater Hat :: Trucker hat for that super cool dude.

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