Sugoi's Running Jackets are Proven To Battle Winter Weather

We've told you all about our amazing baselayers in previous posts, but we haven't really hit home how a great running jacket can make or break your entire winter of running. If you're determined to run all winter long, you can, with the right gear! [Our buyer has run in real feel of -30 or colder here and in Michigan's Upper Peninsula!] 

Sugoi has been our go-to winter running jacket recommendation for the past several years, though many people have not heard of the brand! Whether you're a perpetually COLD person or you need versatility in your outerwear - Sugoi is for you!

Sugoi Men's and Women's Firewall 180 Jacket

  • Firewall180 is a lightweight thermal knit laminate that offers wind and rain protection in super cold temps
  • Detachable hood for added warmth and protection



Sugoi Men's and Women's Versa Jacket

  • Front of jacket/vest features a water repellent uncoated fabric for protection and breathability
  • Coated fabric back, side and sleeve assembly easily removes via strategically placed magnets





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