Rawr! Help Us Welcome Dinosaur Themed Goodr Sunglasses to the Family


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They’re not extinct – dinosaurs have come back to the earth in six brand new shades from Goodr. We’re happy to have all colors at all locations. All $25.

Electric Dinotopia Carnival

A pretty spring blue paired with purple lenses.

Maybe The Dino Ate Your Baby

Classic grey lenses paired with a new purple shade.

Mud Wrestling With Nedry

A green-hued frame with blue lenses.

Not The Mama

Referencing the Dinosaur show of the ‘90s, Not The Mama is a classic pairing of white frames and purple lenses.

Peeping Tim's Dino Fetish

If you’re a fan of the Green Bay Packers, you’ll like this colorway: yellow and green frames with black lenses.

Requiem For A Longneck

A nicely printed dark green color with rose lenses.


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