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How to be an Active Ally

Allyship is like running. It’s a long, steady journey that requires learning, unlearning and persistence.


What is an ally?

An ally is a person who has privilege and chooses to support and advocate for a marginalized group that they're not a part of.

Check out these 6 ideas to become an active ally.

1.) Educate Yourself — Learn about the experiences and challenges faced by marginalized groups through resources, literature, and conversations

2.)  Listen & Empathize — Hear and understand their perspectives without dismissing or overshadowing

3.) Build Connections — Join social justice groups (and diverse running groups!) and support their work. Support causes that promote equity and inclusivity

4.) Speak Up — Challenge discrimination, biases and injustices when you encounter them, even in uncomfortable situations

5.) Be Open to Feedback — Acknowledge and learn from your mistakes. Be open to guidance from those you aim to support.

6.) Stay Engaged —  Being an ally isn't a one-time thing. Keep at it and stand with marginalized communities however you can. Donate. Financially support organizations focused on diversity and social justice


Our Share The Run virtual challenge with Saucony and Black Girls Runs! is meant to be one step on your journey as an ally. Here are some ideas to help you get started. 

Throughout the month of February, we invite you to join us. Choose a mileage goal, log your miles, share your progress, donate to Black Girls RUN! and get to know members of the BGR! community along the way. Join the challenge here.

Then, at the end of the month, join us at Fleet Feet South Loop at 8 am on February 24 for a run or walk, followed by a panel at 9 am where we'll cover topics such as what it means to be a woman in the sport of running, mental health for runners, and more. Register here.

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