12 Dangerous Intersections, as Told by Chicago Runners

Stemmed from the tight-knit online Chicago running community on Reddit, it was brought to our attention that the safety of Chicago runners can be compromised at select intersections across the city. To reiterate our mission to "be the community", we compiled a list of intersections deemed especially dangerous by Chicago runners and included an interactive visual map of each so that runners can adjust their routes accordingly.

To get the most authentic responses possible, we took the previous answers in r/runnersinChicago and added to that list by asking our social media followers for their responses.

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Take a look at the following interactive maps and make adjustments to your route accordingly and compare it to Active Transport's list of the most dangerous intersections in the Chicago region.

Have an intersection you'd like to report? Tweet us at @FleetFeetChgo and we'll add it to the list. 

1. Roosevelt & Union

2. Diversey & Lake Shore

3. Logan Square(Kedzie & Logan)

4. Alleyways, all of them

5. Elston & Irving Park

Brittany Campbell on Twitter

@FleetFeetChgo Elston/Irving Park/Monticello. Cars take right turns without looking. People driving in this area aren't use to pedestrians.

6. Halsted & Fullerton

Ellen Wernecke on Twitter

@FleetFeetChgo Halsted/ Fullerton / Lincoln. So many travel directions + cars who blatantly run crosswalks.

7. Fullerton & Damen

Bethany on Twitter

@FleetFeetChgo Fullerton/Damen/Elston. What a nightmare. They can't reconfigure that intersection fast enough!

8. Ashland & Cortland

Uncle Taco on Twitter

@FleetFeetChgo Ashland and Cortland, zero visibility, no crosswalks, speeding cars, the end of the 606 and a Metra stop

9. Ardmore & Sheridan

Lyndsey Baum on Twitter

@FleetFeetChgo Ardmore & Sheridan during rush hour. Can be dangerous to cross as cars block the cross-walk or speed to make the light.

10. LaSalle & Clark

11. Sangamon & Jackson

Andrew Fordham on Twitter

Avril Claytor on Twitter

12. North & Milwaukee

Kim Maves on Twitter

Bonus: Waveland & Kenmore(During baseball season)

Phil Young on Twitter

@FleetFeetChgo when @KrisBryant_23 is at the plate, #Waveland and #Kenmore is NOT a safe place.

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