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BLOG: Who Do You Run For? Train with a Charity for the 2023 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

“Why do you run?”

As runners, it’s a question we get asked all of the time - from friends, family members, coworkers, you name it. But coming from us, it takes on a different tone. A deeper meaning. 

In 2022, the Chicago Endurance Sports marathon training program had 598 charity training participants who raised over $750,000 dollars for charities that mean so much to them.


The following runners volunteered to tell their individual stories about the charity they run for and why.

Name: Alexandra Goodman

What charity do you run for? Imerman Angels

What does wearing the Imerman Angels singlet mean to you? Wearing the Imerman Angels singlet has been one more way I can share the mission of nobody facing cancer alone with the world. It’s a ripple effect. If just one person hears about us, it can help someone else in an instant. I never planned on being a runner, and before starting my marathon journey, I hadn’t run a mile since the 9th grade. But, running for a cause that I care so deeply for seemed like the perfect way to continue the conversation of why a cancer fighter, survivor, caregiver, or previvor should not have to be alone through a diagnosis.

Name: Noah Tang

What charity do you run for? Golden Apple

When did you first get involved with Golden Apple? As a Golden Apple Scholar, I went through the four-year program during my summers in college to teach in various schools across the state. By the time I had graduated college, I was far more prepared to enter my own classroom because of the hands-on teaching experiences I had in places like Englewood, Blue Island, and Alton. Not only did they pair me with a mentor teacher each summer, but I had the opportunity to create a teacher's tool set from the best in the field. I was drawn to this charity because it has done so much for me and many other young teachers in this state.

Name: Michelle Georges

What charity do you run for? Chicago Parks Foundation

What drew you to the Chicago Parks Foundation specifically? I’m not originally from Chicago, but when I moved here one of the things that struck me was the number of parks throughout the city. I love living in the city but also being outdoors. It’s sometimes difficult to find outdoor spaces where you can immerse yourself in nature. Chicago has a lot of green space which allows you to do just that. As a mom, the Chicago Parks provide spaces where my child can play and enjoy nature as well. The after-school programs at the park have also provided a great, safe space for my child to learn and play, something which isn’t always easy to come by.

Name: Ninfa Queyquep

What charity do you run for? The Les Turner ALS Foundation

What does it mean to you to represent the Les Turner ALS Foundation every time you step out for a run? One thing I think about if I’m struggling on a run are those people who wish they could run or wish they could walk. Those long miles are a struggle but the pain will pass. My husband was a runner, and if he was alive he would love to do this now, and he’d probably be doing it with me. It’s inspiring knowing that you’re raising money for someone who once helped you. I think if my husband saw what I’ve done and how I continue to honor him through my running, I think he’d be really proud.



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