5 Ways to Celebrate Global Running Day

1.) Celebrate in-person with Fleet Feet Chicago

Fleet Feet communities across the country traditionally celebrate Global Running Day with a 3 mile run, followed by a post run celebration with drinks and community. This year, we are hosting one large event in Chicago starting from our Old Town Store. Afterwards, join us at the Shore Club (1603 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60610) for a FREE round of drinks on us! Register now and receive a Global Running Day Brooks Hat (While supplies last.)


We also will be hosting Global Running Day events at all of other suburban stores. Participants will receive  a Global Running Day Brooks Hat (While supplies last) along with a post race party at the store.


2.) Commit to Joining a Running Group

Running with friends always helps the miles fly by faster. Whether you're chatting about your week or huffing and puffing in silence, completing a challenge together forms a unique and special bond. Joining a running group can help you show up and stick to your training plan, make new friends and run farther and faster than you would alone. There are many local run crews in Chicago, as well as the Fleet Feet Running Club. Learn more about the Fleet Feet Running Club here and come run with us!

3.) Register for a Race!

Signing up for a race is a great way to set new goals and challenge yourself. Whether it's a summer 5K or a fall marathon, having a race in the schedule can help motivate you to get out the door on days you don’t feel like running. Global Running Day is the perfect time to start training for a race you’ve been eyeing. Need help training? Check out program offerings from Chicago Endurance Sports.

4.) Donate your old shoes

If you love running and want to share your passion with others, consider donating an old pair of running shoes. Running shoes can be expensive, and not everyone who wants to run has the means to buy a new pair. Many running stores collect old running shoes that are either donated to people in need or, if they’re really beat up, recycled for other purposes. Most manufacturers recommend wearing your shoes for 300-500 miles before buying a new pair. Next time your shoes are nearing the end of their life span, drop them off at your local store instead of throwing them away. You can read more about donating your running shoes here.

5.) Get Fit for a New Pair of Shoes

If you’ve never been properly fitted by an expert, there’s no better time to do so. Finding the right pair of shoes for your feet can make your runs even more enjoyable by preventing blisters and reducing injuries. Our 3D fit id® foot scanning technology allows us to take an in depth look at your feet and find you the perfect pair of shoes. Visit our Chicagoland locations to find your new best fit!

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