Gifts, Anyone?

Looking for stocking stuffers and ribbon-tied gifts to put below the tree? Want to make this holiday season extra special for your most lovable athletic junkies? Well, you're in luck!

. Here's a list of our personal top 10 favorite gift-worthy goodies:

1. Garmin watch. We carry a variety of Garmin watches, ranging in design and purpose. The Forerunner 235 if our bestseller for runners and the 920XT is a premiere choice for triathletes. Able to track distance traveled, calories burned and average pace, Garmin is an excellent tool for runners, walkers and multisport athletes alike! These advance, wearable GPS systems are definitely worth the investment!

2. Beanies. As you might remember reading in our "Winter Running Tips" blog, you lost 20 percent of your body's heat from the head. Our cute and cozy beanies not only are fashionable for the winter season, but they will keep you happy and healthy on a winter run! 

3. Hoka Bondi 5. The Bondi 5 just arrived in-store the last week of November, and we are obsessed! This maximalist shoe is what initially put the Hoka One One brand on the map. Commonly referred to as "the broken runner shoe", this shoe has such incredible pillowy cushion that it could indeed transform a broken runner into an all-star athlete all over again. Is your hubby or Pa prone to injury? This shoe might just be their saving grace. Building on the success of its predecessors, the Bondi 5 is worthy of immense praise for its extra durability and sleek design.

4. Saucony Freedom ISO. This revolutionary shoe is not just aesthetically stunning on the outside, but it feels like Cinderella's missing slipper. With a full EVERUN midsole, this neutral shoe is Saucony's most advanced innovation to date! Expanding the success of EVERUN elements into an entire shoe, the Freedom ISO feels absolutely incredible, from heel to toe. The outsole is comprised of a crystalized rubber, offering great durability, excellent traction and unbeatable versatility. No matter what your running background, you really can't go wrong with this one! 

5. Dona Jo leggings. These funky and form-fitting leggings are arguably the comfiest pants we carry! With colorful designs and a buttery feel, Dona Jo is now a leading brand among women's athletic apparel. Whether your bestie is into running and yoga, or shopping and playing video games, she's sure to fall in love with these eclectic bottoms!

6. GU Stroopwafel. One of our favorite snacks! Great for dunking in coffee at breakfast or feasting upon mid-run, this European-inspired treat is an excellent source of energy and tastes amazing! Inspired by 18th century Netherlands, the syrup-infused waffle is our latest nutrition go-to, packed with amino acids, electrolytes and carbs!

7. Balega socks. Blister resistant, light, moisture wicking and super comfy? This South African-produced sock provides perfect harmony to the foot, using supreme United States yarns and technical design. Arguably the most advanced running sock on the market, Balega is a great stocking (pun intended?) stuffer for anyone—no wait, everyone!

8. Addaday roller. If you've got an endurance junkie in the family, an Addaday product is a must-have! These massage rollers use Pinpoint Precision Gear technology that adds intensity to a massage and reaches tough areas like the shin and achilles. These scientifically-designed massage sticks, handheld devices, foam rollers and bodywork balls utilize diversely textured structures to release muscle tension. Endurance athletes will praise you for getting this essential recovery tool!

9. Nathan strobe light. These small clip-on lights come in various color options and can be snapped to any apparel. Perfect for a dark morning/ night runs, these $10 strobes have the option of blinking or staying constantly lit. Help your loved ones stay safe during those sunless hours with these affordable, lightweight and easy-to-use lights!

10. Superfeet insoles. While not everyone needs an insole, everyone can certainly benefit from having one. Superfeet offers a variety of inserts, whereas many other brands just carry one standard model. Superfeet's advanced design is based on podiatric principles, meaning that every aspect of the insole is constructed with science in mind. All in all, this unique structure marries your foot to your shoe—the perfect union for support and comfort!

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