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Charlotte Runners Take the Trail

Charlotte Trail Tour

Sponsored by: TOPO

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What it is: 4 different trail runs; 4 different locations; 4 different dates

Run #1: Latta Nature Preserve | April 13th | 9:00 am | Featuring: Tailwind 


Trail running anyone!? If you have been wanting to take your runs to the trail whether to try for the first time or to just switch up your routine, we have something special planned for you. This year, we are hosting a series of 4 trail runs around Charlotte, the first one being at Latta Nature Reserve. Stay tuned for the release of the next location!

New to running? Welcome! This series is beginner-friendly and we encourage all levels of runners to participate as we take you on paths you might not normally get to run on. You can expect to get access to the latest shoes, trial different trail gear and apparel from packs to socks as well as be supplied with nutrition and hydration before, during and after your runs from companies like Tailwind. Come along for the run as we build community with our fellow Charlotte runners and get to experience the beautiful trails that surround us.

Keep your eyes peeled for more specifics and mark your calendars now! You won't want to miss this. The official registration link for our first run is NOW live. Be one of the first 5 to sign up for this FREE run and win a pair of Feetures socks. See you on the trails!

Here's what people are saying about why they love to run on the trails:

"I was running and saw a wild turkey! You just can't find that on the road!" - Natalie D.

"Trail running reminds me that I am free; road miles help me stay composed. There is magic for me in both." - Laura S. 

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