Fleet Feet FUNdamentals

Join us for Fleet Feet FUNdamentals, a month long virtual program to start 2021 off on the right foot! This program is designed to help you get moving, introduce you to some principles of training, build a good foundation for the new year, and improve your fitness.

When: January 1st through January 31st

Cost: $35 with a $15 reward 

This program is designed to meet you at the level you are at. Whether you are looking to build up your endurance to walk for 30 minutes, get into running, or are a seasoned runner looking for a little extra motivation - this program is for you! Our month long program gives you a balanced approach to your training and is a perfect way to jumpstart the 2021 year. 

  • We’ll provide you with a full 31 day training plan that will keep you engaged and moving forward. Workouts will be delivered to your inbox weekly and you’ll have access to the full program starting January 1st. There will be three different levels of training offered - FUNdamentals I (featuring all walking), FUNdamentals II (run/walking), and FUNdamentals III (running).
  • Each workout will have detailed instructions on how to do them and will include follow-along videos where applicable! *We’ll provide you with any modifications you may need, you are always welcome to reach out to our coach if you have any further questions!
  • You can do the workouts on your schedule.
  • PLUS, each week we will have a weekly topic that we’ll discuss over Zoom with local experts and give you an opportunity to ask questions and get advice!
  • And if all that’s not enough motivation, you get $15 in Fleet Feet rewards in the first week. You can spend this in-store or online. In order to receive this $15 Reward,  please join the free Fleet Feet Rewards program by downloading our app here or by creating an account on fleetfeet.com. 

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Questions? Reach out to nora.ayers@fleetfeet.com

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