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This is a BIG ONE! 

We want to help you support your resolutions this year. What better way to do that then to get yourself the best gear for your goals? The second most important piece of workout equipment for women is a properly fit sports bra. Did you know that most sports bras sold in big box stores are medium impact at best? Some are even made with lesser quality materials that start to break down after the first wash. That means when you hit the treadmill, the spinning class, or your next Zumba workout your girls aren't getting the support they deserve. That can lead to some hefty damage, even if you are A or B cupAlso a weight change, pregnancy, or surgery could change your size. It is important to get refit at least once a year to make sure you are still in the correct size to get the best support. 


Odds are if you don't remember when you replaced your sports bra then it is time. No sports bra should celebrate a birthday, so if ol' faithful has been around since you were a teenage it is time for an upgrade. Do some of the tests below if you aren't sure if your bra is approaching its expiration date:

    • Perform a stretch test. Gently tug the elastic straps and band. If you don't feel any resistance, buy a new bra.
    • Compare the old and the new. Stack a new sports bra on top of a similarly styled old one. If the old bra has a wider band and longer straps, throw it out.
    • Go with your gut. "When a sports bra loses its oomph, you risk developing motion-related sagging," says LaJean Lawson, an exercise-science researcher at Oregon State University, in Corvallis. A sports bra provides almost twice the support of a regular bra. For a quick test, jog in place wearing a normal bra, then a sports bra. If your breasts don't feel significantly more secure, get a new one.
To help start your new year out in the right direction we are having a weekend long bra fitting event. Come in anytime from 1/18 - 1/20 and get fit by one of our experts. Find one you like a get a deal! 
  • All regularly-priced moving comfort sports bras will be 25% off!
  • Check out our BARGAIN BRA RACK! Past colors and styles will be marked 30% - 75% off! (cannot be combined with other offers, coupons, or rewards)
  • Free gift with the purchase of a bra.
Don't miss out on this great chance to get FIT and 
support your resolutions! 

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