Lori's Story

Lori Pawlowski from Getzville, NY was a member of our Spring 2013 No Boundaries Group

"When my journey started I was a 44 yr old very overweight woman, very sad on the inside but always smiled on the outside. One day I mentioned to a friend that running a 5K was on my bucket list. She immediately recommended getting some good sneakers if I was serious. She was a runner and recommended Fleet Feet. That would end up being the very best advise anyone has ever given me. The second I walked in the store I was greeted with friendly knowledgeable staff who had me up on the treadmill and took a serious look at my feet. They wanted to make sure I was gonna be put in the right sneaker. They also told be all about the NoBo program. My heart started racing with excitement and I could not wait to get started. At first I thought there is no way I can do this. I'm too old or too fat. But with the encouragement of the mentors and training plan provided I gained more confidence. The program they got me across the finish line. But that ain't the end of my journey! I continued and the more I ran the better it made me feel. I felt alive for the first time in over 20 years. I felt free and the weight started coming off big time. I have lost a total of 70 pounds. I continue to run I have joined 2 others programs with Fleet Feet. I have run several 5 Ks, a 10k, & a 15k plus my first turkey trot! I will can't wait to run my first 1/2 marathon on May 25th. I cannot thank the great people from Fleet Feet for putting that smile back on my face. Anne Marie & Dana for always pushing me when I wanted to quit. My husband who continues to support me (even when I lie about how much I really spend on my work out gear). Lol"

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