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2.21.24 Eat To Feel Better Workshop with Mindy Yoder RDN, CDN

Join us February 21, 2024 at 7:00 pm for this FREE workshop with Mindy Yoder RDN, CDN

Eat To Feel Better 

Many people have a goal to lose weight, however after further conversation, it is often mentioned that “I just want to feel better in my own body.” What started as a desire for a specific weight goal evolves into a strategy to improve digestion, gain energy, and feel better.  

Participants of this workshop will hear a review of factors of metabolism, as well as some key nutrients our bodies need for optimal energy, healthy immune function, mental clarity, and good digestion. The discussion then transitions to examples of meals and snacks and when to eat them to best support feeling better and weight loss (if desired). Ideas are provided that fit into real-life and are categorized as Easy Prep, Grab and Go, and Restaurant Choices.  

This workshop sets everyone up with options to eat healthy even with the fullest of schedules. Clients love this session because participants learn the value of foods to their health, rather than points, calories, or any other restrictive type of tracking. Everyone receives a guide and workbook for notes so they can take action after the session.

Come early and join our weekly 6:00 pm run/walk, we'll have you back in time for the workshop

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