15 Places to Run in WNY

Where do you run in Western New York?  Do you often find yourself running the same routes? Maybe our staff can help you find some new places to run.  Here’s a list of their favorite places to run with links to their locations.

      1. Niagara Gorge near Devil’s Hole.  Fit Specialist Matt Killian suggested this for it’s great view, interesting terrain and the fact that it’s so close to anyone in the north towns.  Start at the Devil's Hole State Park right HERE.
      2. Hunter’s Creek in East Aurora is Stephanie Feliciano’s favorite place to run.  It’s a big network of trails that is huge with the MTB scene.  The trail system is very tight with some short hills, but nothing super long.  A trail map can be found HERE.  You should start at this parking lot right HERE.
      3. Chestnut Ridge Outer Roads is Kateri Walsh’s favorite area to run.  She grew up running these roads hence why she wanted her staff picture shot on the roads.  Saturday mornings are a great time to meet up with other runs enjoying the Chestnut Ridge roads.  They meet at the Chestnut Ridge Casino right HERE.
      4. Chestnut Ridge Inner Loop is the choice of our No Boundaries Coach, Anne-marie Gaul.  There’s some great hill climbs and descents including the notorious Big Mother Hill.  Park HERE to start your inner loop runs.  You should be able to get a 4-5 mile run in.
      5. Sprague Brook Park is our store manager, Brian Stewart’s favorite place to run.  If you’re looking for a good trail network that offers varying mileage and hill climbs then check out Sprague Brook.  Generally everyone starts at the warming hut which can be found HERE.
      6. Omphalius Road in Colden, NY is fit specialist and Buffalo Half Marathon top 10 placer, Connor Martin’s, favorite place to run.  If you’re in the mood for a great hill workout then you should head to Omphalius Road.  Find it HERE.
      7. Downtown Buffalo/Canalside is assistant store manager, Melina Buck’s favorite area to run.  She tends to cover a lot of ground on her runs, so she has multiple favorite areas.  Canalside can be found HERE.
      8. Elmwood Village is Start 2 Finish Coach, Lesley Bowers’, favorite area to run.  She’s another person who covers a lot of miles on her runs, so she needs a wide area to run in.  Go HERE to see what her run is like.
      9. Chestnut Ridge Trail System is our web guy, Jim Cielencki’s, favorite area to run.  It offers some varied terrain that can be very challenging. It offers a wide variety of trail conditions like uphills that are short and steep, stream crossings, mud, zig zagging through tees, single and double track and even a mile uphill.  Start at the Horse Corral for a 5.3 mile loop.
      10. Forest Lawn Cemetery was chosen by our store owners Alice & Dan Loncto.  They have an extensive running history in WNY, so it’s difficult to just pick one place.  Forest Lawn is the hilliest place to run continuously in the city and it’s so peaceful in there.  Just be aware that running in there is somewhat frowned upon, so don’t go in large groups.  Plus park outside the gates and run in.  Forest Lawn can be found HERE.
      11. Squaw Island/Bird Island Pier is picked by Dana Dobinski.  If you’ve never run here then we suggest this one highly.  You’ll run along the Niagara River with amazing views of Canada, the Peace Bridge, Lake Erie and the skyline of Buffalo.  This area also has amazing War of 1812 history too which is highlighted in many of the history markers along the way.  Park HERE and you could get in about 6 miles if you run out and back down the river and out the Bird Island Pier.
      12. Nia-Wanda & Isle View Park in Tonawanda are the places that Ros Marohn (Distance Coach) grew up running.  These routes offer amazing views of the Niagara River as it goes around Grand Island. This is a popular area because it provides easy access to the water.  Go HERE to run these routes.
      13. Amherst Bike Path was chosen by Kristen Hall (Fit Specialist) for it’s flat and continuous 10 mile running route.  This route is very peaceful and relaxing which should help you during a 10 mile run.  The Amherst Bike Path can be found HERE.
      14. Delaware Park Loop is a top choice of many runners including our very own Sarah Warren.  It’s probably why her Wednesday Night Running Group runs around there on a regular basis.  The loop is 1.7 miles long and the chances are very high that you will see someone you know running there.  It’s a very social place to run.  Start at the Meadow Drive entrance HERE.
      15. Buffalo Park System is one of our newest employees, Michael Rizzo’s choices for favorite places to run in Buffalo.  You can run from the Buffalo Zoo in Delaware Park all the way to Front Park via the Buffalo Park System.  Originally, it was all park system since Richmond and Porter Avenues weren’t roads back when they were built.  Just imagine what it would’ve been like.  Start at Delaware Park, head to Lincoln Parkway, turn right onto Bidwell Park then go south on Richmond Ave.  At Porter Ave make a right and head down to Front Park.  Just imagine what this would’ve been like back in 1900.

So there you have it, 15 places for you to run before the end of summer.  Get out there and go exploring.  Who knows what you’ll discover!


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