The Power of Running

It's a daily goal, and a life-long aspiration.
It's at once a physical act, and an emotional journey.
It's a foundation of health, and a pinnacle achievement.
It takes time.  It gives you years.
It moves you away and brings you closer.
It is empowering.  It is humbling.
It creates interaction.  It enables solitude.
It tears down insecurities.  It builds communities.
It takes a lot, but gives so much.

It is The Power of Running, and you can find it through Fleet Feet Sports.

Join us as we celebrate The Power of Running with special programs and events beginning August 1.

The Power of Running For Good.

  • For nine weekends between Aug. 1 and Sept. 30, we will be collecting proceeds from the sale of designated products as we try to use The Power of Running to do good in our local community. Several of our brands have committed to donate $1, $2 or $3 for each of their products sold on their designated weekend.  We will collect these donations into a fund and at the end of the promotion, our local store will MATCH all of our vendor partner contributions and we will donate everything to Wish Bone Canine Rescue!

The Power of Running To Have Fun.

  • On Thursday, September 10 we're going to take running back to its youth, when it wasn't about the miles, the pace or the training - it was just about RECESS! More details coming soon!!

The Power of Running Together.

  • It's all about the Brooks Power Hour - who can log the most miles in one hour increments? We'll have a leaderboard and plenty of prizes to give away.  Stay tuned for more details!

The Power of Running to Inspire.

  • Who has inspired you to become a runner?  Who do you inspire?  Mizuno is going to remind us that #EveryMileChangesYou for the better. 

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