Summer Six Pack Challenge

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You did so well eating donuts we're excited to offer a different challenge to get you through summer - running, riding and DRINKING BEER!!  We're going to challenge you to run a weekly 5K (or ride a 20K) and finish it off with your favorite brew.  Stay tuned - we'll be sharing suggested routes that start and end from our favorite local breweries.

Runners!!  Each week (beginning June 22nd) your task is to complete a 5K run (or walk).  One 5K a week for six weeks.  Fast, slow, it doesn't matter! 
Bikers!!  Each week (beginning June 22nd) your task is to complete a 20K ride.  One 20K a week for six weeks.  Again, any speed!

Up for a challenge, sign up for both!!  (You will receive a $10 discount if you sign up for both)

When you finish, each week, you've got two interactive things to complete:
1. Submit your time in the results listing here: 
2. Share a picture of you celebrating your own finish line with your favorite beer.  Any kind!  Maybe a local beer, the closest cold beer, or even a root beer.  Share your pictures in the Fleet Feet Summer Six Pack Group here:

Everyone who finishes (records a time for all 6 weeks) will receive a sweet finisher medal that will double as a bottle opener for your next beer.

Week 1: June 22 - June 28
Week 2: June 29 - July 5
Week 3: July 6 - July 12
Week 4: July 13 - July 19
Week 5: July 20 - July 26
Week 6: July 27 - August 2

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