No Boundaries Blogspot: Me? Run?

Me? Run?

by:  Kathy Tymonko

At 59 I’ve never run, never participated in a sport that requires running skills. Yet just 10 weeks ago I started the No Boundaries course that Fleet Feet offers. I’m not sure when I suddenly decided, but I remember thinking I’d like to try a 5K. Notice the word try. I had no confidence. My son-in-law said it was the last thing on earth he thought I’d choose to do. In the first week I looked at the program and said, “No way will I make it to the end. I’ll just try it and if I have to follow the first week’s schedule for the whole 5K I will. I know I can walk 5K.” Each week I skeptically thought well, I’ll try the next step and see.

I’m not a morning person, but I quickly found myself choosing to get up earlier than usual to get a run in before work rather than run in the heat after work. And I wasn’t any more tired at work. The mentors helped me adjust my clothing, work on my breathing and try different things to make the workout more fun. They encouraged me and stayed with me when I struggled. Now, two weeks from the 5K I have no doubt that I can do it. Granted, I won’t be fast, but I will finish. Hmm, wonder how many races I can do before winter?

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