Look'n For Spring ASE is February 18

by Kirby Cheek (kirby_j_cheek@msn.com) on behalf of The Lake Run Club

Look'n For Spring ASE (Another Stupid Event)
This year we're look'n - and running in Lexington.
Save the date - February 18!
We will meet at 12:30 pm at Kelly's On 66 (new venue!) and pound out a few miles, or more if you want, running through town. We have a suggested 3 mile course that runs mostly on side streets around the perimeter of town (sort of). The course takes in many of the exciting features of Lexington.

After the run, we'll head into Kelly's for some socializing, perhaps a beverage and the chance to try Kelly's famous pizza or other menu entree.

Kelly's On 66 is located on the corner of on Old Rt. 66 (not a surprise) and Main Street in Lexington.

Questions? Call Kirby at (309) 533-8689 or email kirby_j_cheek@msn.com

Hope you can join us!

Kelly's On 66

Lexington, IL 61753

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