Kent & Kirby?s ?66? Prediction Run

Kent & Kirby’s “66” Prediction Run

Do you think You’re Fast?  Do you think You’re Slow?  Now is the Time to see what you know.  Can You Predict the Pace You will Show?

Join us for the Kent and Kirby “66” Prediction Run on

June 6 (6/6 – get it?) This is the Second of the LRC Silly Series Group Runs.

The run will be at Kick’s, on the east side of Towanda on Old Route 66.  The run will be on the Old Route 66 Trail and will be 6.6 K (4.1 miles)

The low cost for this SS (Silly /series) event is just $5, which includes a Pulled Pork Sandwich and your choice of a Beer or Soft Drink.  Plus there will be Awards for the three closest times to the predicted time. Plus there will be  Live Music in Kick’s Beer Garden.

The K & K 66 Prediction Run will have a Staggered Start, with starts based on your Predicted Time.  Slower Runners start first, with Faster runners starting later.  You’ll know when to start based on a Count-down Clock at the Starting Line.  A 60 Minute Count-Down will Begin at 5:45 PM.

Please allow at least 15 minutes for Registration and 5 minutes to get to the Starting Line.  To accelerate registration PLEASE HAVE A PREDICTED TIME IN MIND before you arrive at registration.

Questions?  Contact Kirby at 309 533-8689 or

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