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February Frosty Fifty

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It's Fleet Feet Bloomington vs. Fleet Feet Decatur in a showdown for the traveling trophy and bragging rights.

How It Works
The 50 miles between the two stores is your official goal for the month of February.  Every mile you run or walk will be credited to the store of your choice.  Which store has the most loyal customers, the best runners (or walkers), and are willing to help their team earn some serious street cred?!  Click here to join the Challenge Facebook Group and follow along with the smack talk:

Sweet Swag
All participants earn a pair of  Sock Guy Socks!  The winning store gets a trophy (and bragging rights).  This year we are planning another post challenge run and celebration in Clinton - stay tuned for more details.

Submitting Your Miles - Tracking Your Store's Progress
An important part of this Challenge is submitting the distance you run each week.  Beginning February 5th you will be able to log your miles.  There is a spot to submit your miles once per week:
* Week 1: Feb 1 - 7
* Week 2: Feb 8 - 14
* Week 3: Feb 15 - 21
* Week 4: Feb 22 - 29
Click here to Log Miles:

50 miles is the monthly goal. If you run more than 50 record those too!!! 

These are running/walking miles. No all day step totals, but miles specifically logged for running/walking that could be logged with a start and end on a fitness device.

You can log miles until 11:59 on February 29.  On March 1st, the winner will be announced!

The Frosty Fifty is our local challenge, but Fleet Feet is also hosting a Nationwide Share The Run Challenge in February.  You can use the same miles to complete both challenges.  Click here to sign up (it's free!)

Past Results
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