Brooks Running Man Statue

Picture a statue of a runner. Now picture it bigger. Now picture it even bigger. Now imagine it’s made out of medals won by runners from across the nation. Now imagine your medal is a part of it. All this can be true. Donate your medal and Brooks will make it a part of their larger than-life statue at their new Seattle HQ on 34th & Stone. Then you can bring your friends by and be like “There it is, no big deal.”

"The Brooks Runner is a salute to the tenacious running spirit of runners everywhere. The one that makes us go running in the rain and the dark and the mud and whatever else nature can throw at us.”

You can send your medal directly to Brooks or you can drop it off at the store – we will have a collection box available shortly.  Be sure to print out and attach this form for each medal you drop off.

Direct mailing address:

Brooks Running

Attn: Andrea Brown

4300 Roosevelt Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

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