ASE run #21 is Saturday November 15

by Kirby Cheek

Join in the 21st Birthday of the ASE

The ASE (Another Stupid Event) has all grown up but is still child-like fun.  The ASE was born 21 years ago in Merna when a group of LRC runners of assorted abilities needed a location for a weekend run.  Most in the group ran the 4 mile section in the country, but some shortened the effort with a variable distance out-and-back run.  Then everyone celebrated and recovered at the Merna Bar and Grille, sharing running stories, lies and general camaraderie.

Mark the date, because this year’s celebration is November 15th, and as always, the running starts at Noon. 

The event is an informal opportunity to run with others (no clocks, no registration forms, no t-shirts, no fees – just fun!)  Bring a friend, or two, and a few bucks to enjoy the hospitality of Merna Bar& Grille after the run.  Pass this on to other I may have missed too.

Injured?  Can’t run?  Show up anyway, to enjoy the fun.  Runners are back at Merna by 1:00 to enjoy the hospitality.  Just do it.  Join in!

If you haven't made it to an ASE, Merna is about 4 miles east of Towanda Barnes Road In B/N on Ft. Jessie Road (extended). When you get to Merna, you can't miss it.  There will be a group of runners gathering outside Merna Bar & Grille, the busiest business in Merna. 

Questions?  Call Kirby (309 533-8689) or

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