20th Anniversary ASE

November 16th!  Save the Date! 

Believe it or not, ASE's are turning 20.  And this ASE represents the start of the 21st season.  So naturally, the location is Merna Bar & Grille, although it was called Merna Tap back in those early days.
Per the custom, the running starts at noon, some doing a shorter out-and-back, with most doing the run around the section for a distance of about 4 miles.  After, we'll recall great times, good times, better times and best times by enjoying food and beverages at Merna's finest/famous business.


PS - If you haven't made it to an ASE, Merna is about 4 miles east of Bloomington on Ft. Jessie Road (extended)  When you get to Merna, you can't miss the Bar & Grille.

PSS - Bring a friend - or two

PSSS - pass this along to anyone I've missed.

PSSSS - If you don't know what an ASE is, ask another invitee, or show up and find out for yourself.  You won't regret it - or maybe you will, but with this group, you probably won't.

For more information contact Kirby Cheek (kirby_j_cheek@msn.com)

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