The Morrow Marathon Comes to Austin

Morrow Marathon

Five Day Running Challenge comes to Fleet Feet Austin

We’re hosting the first-ever Morrowthon in Austin Texas! The Morrowthon is a 5-day running challenge with in-person running groups in Austin on March 12th for anyone in the community to join. During the March 12th event we'll have running groups leaving hourly from Fleet Feet Austin and a food truck throughout the day. Register using the link below. 

Morrow Marathon registration link.


Inspiration for the Morrowthon:

Building a startup is all about taking the tasks that seem impossible and breaking them down into manageable efforts. So we at Morrow thought a Marathon is sort of like creating a new venture… But what if we broke the marathon up into manageable efforts? We also drew a bit of inspiration from this video by Beau Miles titled The 24 hr Marathon. And the Morrowthon was born!!

You can participate in the Morrowthon all weekend long! (March 9th to 13th).

We’re taking an entire day in Austin, from 8 am to 8 pm on March 12th, to organize scheduled group runs with other startup founders and community leaders. Join for the day, stay for half, or join when you can. Group runs are leaving from our venue every two hours for you to get out and exercise during the events in Austin.


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