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Start Slow and Finish Strong

The majority of runners have the tendency to start races to fast. There is a common misconception among runners, especially those that have little experience in races that by running fast early in the race is a way to gain time. The belief is that time gained can be saved for later, in the effort to reach the individual's goal finish time.

For each second you run faster than your target pace early in the race, minutes are given up at the end of the race. Running too fast at the beginning of a race, regardless of the distance, tires your body and burns excessive fuel early on in the race that would be better utilized later in the race.

There are many reasons that people, even those who know better, begin a race too quickly. By realizing these reasons prior to your race, they will be easier to overcome.

  1. After training for distance, the first few miles of the race will feel good and your legs will be fresh after tapering for the race.

  2. There is a tendency to try to stay up with the group ahead of you, even though you don't know what their target pace is in comparison with yours. It is imperative to ignore the pace of others. Run your race at your pace!

  3. By nature, mostly everyone is impatient.

If you can conquer the three reasons above and restrain yourself to your target pace (or slower) at the beginning of the race, you will be able to finish strong!

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