Creative Ways to Stay Hydrated

Did you know most Americans go through the day dehydrated — some even chronically dehydrated?

Resolve to stay hydrated this season and all year by getting a little creative with our handy-dandy guide to hydration. Your body is made up of roughly 65% water, though this number can fluctuate based on health, age, gender and body composition.

Staying hydrated ensures your body is working at maximum capacity — lubricating joints, carrying nutrients to working muscles and regulates your body temperature. All are important bodily functions, especially when you’re running!

Have a hydration plan!

hydration plan

All Day: Have a 32oz water bottle at your desk. Challenge yourself to drink at least two bottles during the day. The Nathan Big Shot bottle is awesome for this!

Indoor Activity: The Nathan Icon Bottle is awesome for indoor workouts. It is insulated so it keeps your liquids cooler, longer.

On the Move: With inherent reflectivity and a double walled design, the Nathan SpeedDraw Plus will keep your liquids from freezing too quickly.

Using an electrolyte replacement solution such as Nuun will help keep you hydrated and add in vital electrolytes such as Sodium and Potassium to your all-day hydration or active hydration. Mix one table with 160z of water (or less or more for taste) for a refreshing pre-, during or post-run (or exercise) hydration!

nuun active

Nuun: 360mg Sodium, 100mg Potassium, 25mg Magnesium and 13mg Calcium — formulated to replace those electrolytes without adding extra carbohydrates and calories.

nuun energy

Nuun Energy: Added caffeine and extra B vitamins for energizing your workout.

Get Creative:

1. Nuun Tea: Great for post-run hydration during the winter months

  • Boil 16-20oz of water
  • In the meantime, choose your favorite Nuun flavor (I recommend Lemon Tea or Tropical).
  • Drop into an extra large coffee mug or 16oz pint glass
  • Pour boiling (or nearly boiling) water over Nuun tablet
  • Enjoy!

nuun tea

Photo courtesy Nuun’s Facebook page.

  2. ChampNuunDo you crave a mimosa after your long run but need to hydrate at the same time?

  • 0.5 oz Nuun All Day Grape Raspberry or Blueberry Pomegranate simple syrup*
  • 4oz Champagne
  • Serve in a fancy champagne flute


*Nuun All Day Simple Syrup Preparation

Dissolve 2 tablets of any Nuun All Day flavor into 8 ounces of water. When completely dissolved mix the Nuun All Day water with 2 cups of sugar. Stir until all sugar is dissolved.   3. Nuun Ice Cubes or Popsicles: Freeze your favorite Nuun flavors for fun ways to stay hydrated!

  • Mix your favorite flavor of Nuun with 16oz water
  • Fill up an ice cube tray
  • Freeze and enjoy in your favorite water bottle


  • Mix your favorite flavor of Nuun with 16oz water
  • Fill up a popsicle mold
  • Freeze and enjoy before or after a run!


Photo courtesy Nuun’s Facebook page.

  4. Berry Leomonade Refresher: Wonderful for after runs or sitting at the beach (or wishing you were at the beach?)

  • 1/2 Tablet Nuun Energy in Wild Berry
  • 1/2 Tablet Nuun Lemonade
  • 160z water

All of these and more (including a Nuun-garita!) can be found on Nuun’s Blog.

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