NOVEMBER 13, 2013
Kristen here! Some of you may know me from your visits to the store. I’m the one usually roaming around the store with lots of random things to say and endless amounts about running to tell you. I spend a lot of my time out on the trails or picking other peoples brains. I love to learn what people are doing, using, trying and what’s happening in the world of fitness. I feel there’s no limit to what we, as an active community, can learn from each other and this blog is going to be a way for me to share all the fun and new things I’m hearing about with you guys. Please bear with me as this is my first blog. Make sure your shoes are tied tight because things could get single track and technical in a hurry!

With the winter winds upon us, it’s time to break out the cold weather gear. The first things you do are hit snooze a few times (if you’re like me!) and then start the mental game of what to wear. As cozy as those sweatpants are hanging out by the fire, out on the trails and roads is no place for them. Any time you use cotton as a form of warmth when you’re out running or walking, you will soon learn heavy is the cotton to the runner that wears it! With all the incredible options of clothing out there to protect your body from the elements, make sure you are dressing for success. When the temp is low and winds are whipping, I pull on my Nike Element Shield jacket. With its windproof paneling, moisture wicking fabric and breathable venting systems, I know I’ll be warm without feeling weighed down. The key is to remember that with all the work you put into your training, you shouldn’t skimp on the stuff you’ll be spending all those miles in!

So don’t let a little cold weather stop you from enjoying your outdoor activity! Suit up, get out and enjoy the season! If you have any questions or want some guidance on dressing for the season, come see us and we’ll help you with whatever your style is. I’ll see you out there! 

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