The Story Of Sarah Adams: The Power Of Running

Sarah found her sweet spot in running.  Her life challenges turned into opportunities through running. Sarah would share different quotes about her faith with me and her friends about how God would give her the strength to finish a race/run when she could not even feel her feet touching the ground anymore. ""Run hard, when it's hard to run"" - I'm not sure who first said this but it sums up running for Sarah. Her perseverance and passion for running gave her a sense of triumph.

Sarah was diagnosed as a 9 month old with cyclic vomiting syndrome and migraines.  Sarah would be hospitalized every four to 6 weeks for years. Sarah missed a lot of school and had limitations on her activities because of the potential of triggering an episode. Sarah still tried every sport and was a successful athlete. In high school she discovered running. She was healthier than she had ever been in her life ! Then I will never forget the day she came in from a run and developed an anaphalactic reaction.  Epinephrine, steroids, Benadryl and a breathing treatment at the local ER and thought of it as a one time episode. It happened again within a few weeks and 911 was called. She had developed a rare mast cell disorder that cause spontaneous anaphylaxis. In total 5 911 calls all after running or during running. Luckily, her amazing allergist prescribed preventive medicine and felt she was ""safe"" to run with the daily medicine and an epi pen.  How was she going to carry an epi pen while running??? Not the best ""look"" for a 17 year old. Off we went to our Fleet Feet store for a solution. Sarah found some running shorts that fit her epi pen - the team at Fleet Feet never ceases to amaze me with their encouragement and kindness. 

Sarah returned to run XC her Senior year and she could not run on the team after an episode at a meet. Sarah was devastated. Sarah could not imagine not running with her friends AH, AT's and H.  Sarah's friends came to her to run with her and support her . Sarah would look forward to her weekly long runs with AH - Anna.  Their friendship through running gave Sarah confidence. She enrolled in the Sandy Springs 5 or 10k and came in first in her age bracket!

Sarah felt strong running and her migraines were less frequent.  She still endured the 32 injections in her face and neck to decrease the frequency and severity of her migraines. She still suffered from fatigue and most days would need to rest.  However, Sarah decided to start training for the Thanksgiving Day half marathon in Atlanta. She crushed it! Another Passion Church goer wanted to run a half too- so Sarah signed up for another one in March. They helped each other and ran the half in March of 2016 together in Atlanta.

Through running Sarah has developed incredible mental and physical stamina. Her track coach spoke about her specifically at her senior yr track banquet acknowledging her incredible commitment and dedication to running and improving her PR and helping others. I saw Sarah smile because she knew this was true.   

As Sarah went off to college this year she didn't want to be known as""that girl"" that was sick. Sarah's quality of health and life have greatly improved due to her running.  

The running community helped Sarah so much and now she is at a place where she can and wants to give back to the running community."       The 500$ would be given to a "team" to support handicapped runners. This would build awareness how able bodied runners can help support a handicap team during a race.  

We are thrilled to announce that Atlanta's own Sarah Adams was named just one of five national winners for The Power of Running To Inspire Award presented by Mizuno running. Sarah will share her inspirational story in a video that will be shown to thousands around the country in the next few months.

Sarah will receive a $500 donation to give to a charity of her choice! We will share Sarah's story in next week's newsletter so be ready to be inspired! Congratulations Sarah!

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