FFASR 1.2 - Brooks Transcend 3

My Personal Take:

Brooks is changing the way that they categorize shoes. They are moving away from using the terms “neutral” and “stability” when talking about their shoes. Instead, they are dividing their shoes into four main categories (Energize Me, Propel Me, Connect Me, and Cushion Me). They are approaching fit with the mindset of focusing more on the experience that the shoe gives an individual. 

As far as the Transcend, it falls into the “Plush Cushioning category”.  However, because of the “Guard Rail” technology that Brooks incorporated around the outside of the shoe, it is also very supportive. Different than a traditional dense stability platform or wedge along the medial side of the shoe, these rails allow the foot to move naturally within the shoe, while at the same time keeping it aligned throughout the gait cycle. Think about it this way…bumpers on a bowling lane will redirect the bowling ball back to center of the lane once making contact. The guard rails on the Transcend will essentially do the same thing with the foot.  I typically run in a neutral shoe, but found this shoe to be VERY comfortable. Overall, I would highly recommend this shoe to any person looking for a lot of cushion and support. Make sure to try them on for yourself as soon as you get a chance!


Product Information (from the Brooks catalog)

“If you’re looking for the ultimate in cushion with great support, look to the Transcend 3. Our most technically- advanced shoe provides an unparalleled soft ride and dependable, adaptable support to keep your body aligned. Go ahead, safely rack up the miles in plush comfort.”

Shoe Specs:
-New, engineered laser-cut mesh upper offers a better fit and moisture management
-Super DNA midsole provides the ultimate in adaptive cushioning 
-IDEAL Pressure Zones disperse impact for a smoother ride
-Rounded heel offers better alignment, minimizing stress on joints 
-Guide Rails encourage the body’s preferred motion path
-Push interior provides luxurious comfort
-Weighs in at 10.9oz for men, and 9.5oz for women

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