A Few Tips for Running in the Rain

It's Raining and Pouring and...Hail!?!

Asheville is seeing a lot of rain this week! Running in the rain can be both refreshing and invigorating, creating a new experience in a standard route. If you choose to head out into the showers- consider these tips as you prep your run:

1. Dress to be seen. Think bright and bold colors. Due to the darkness of the sky and the slickness of the street, you want to be sure and give drivers plenty of time to see you and provide safe space.

2. Protect your electronics. Either grab your waterproof storage belt or double up some sealable plastic baggies and carry them in an inside pocket. If you choose to wear head phones, consider only wearing one piece in one ear to allow you to hear for thunder or oncoming traffic.

3. Build your outfit in layers. Although we all are used to being wet with sweat while we push our cardio, rain running offers a whole new dimension to the the experience. What we want to avoid is chaffing. So opt for a pair of compression shorts and t-shirt that fits close to the body and has minimal seams. If it is a cold rain, or cooler weather, opting for a vented wind shell with Nylon will aid in slowing down the overall feeling of being soaked. Grab a good pair of snug fitting running socks with a poly-blended material, your feet will most likely get wet, but at least the thinner material will keep the experience enjoyable.

4. Run for enjoyment. This weather would not be the time to focus on speed work or developing your personal record. Set an enjoyable pace and experience this extra element! Be sure to check that your shoes have traction on the bottom (at least 1mm of tread groves) to allow water to chanel through and the outsole to grip. 

5. Best to keep your run inside if there is lightening, hard winds, or threat of hail in the forecast. While sometimes these weather surprises present unannounced, check for signs of them in your local reports before heading out. Run in an area where there is safe shelter nearby to stop in and wait out the danger should concerning weather present.

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