Winter Dozen Challenge


Last year we tested our first-ever Virtual Runner’s Challenge with Saucony. As a result, almost:

● 8,000 runners across 165 Fleet Feet markets participated in the challenge

● 5,000 runners completed the challenge (four run / walks in 10 days)

This January, we’re teaming up with Saucony again to bring the challenge back for a full month, during a time of year when it’s dark, cold, and many of us are looking for ways to engage with and motivate our running communities. The Winter Dozen Challenge will help runners connect with or find their running tribe. For newer or first-time runners, we hope it begins to create habits that last a lifetime, and begins their running journey with Fleet Feet.

Although the challenge is virtual, individuals still "show up” by participating and logging their runs. The online hub provides a community where runners can support one another, get competitive with friends from all over the country, and feel connected with the Fleet Feet tribe.


● Log 12 run / walks during the month of January (breaks down to 3 run / walks per week)


Jan 1

● Challenge begins at 12 a.m.

● Participants can begin logging runs / walks

Jan 31

● Challenge ends at 11:59 p.m.


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