Injury Prevention Clinic: Why Your Injuries Have Nothing to Do with Your Running

Injury Prevention Clinic: Why Your Injuries Have Nothing to Do With Your Running 

DATE: Thursday, April 10th at 6:00pm

Nagging injury got you down? Struggling with your second, third, or fourth "running related" issue? What if your nagging and reoccurring injuries had absolutely nothing to do with your running? 

Many running related injuries are due to all the things we do off the road. How we live in our daily lives - including lifting, sitting, walking, moving, and stretching can make or break our running career.

Dr. Tania Howard of will be at Fleet Feet Sports Severna Park on Thursday, April 10th at 6:00pm to discuss how you can prevent injuries by changing your behaviors in your daily life. She'll also be working one-on-one with those who would like personal help with injuries in the extra allotted time after the clinic.

Topics Will Include:

  • How to stretch before and after activity
  • How the way you sit could be the cause of your pain
  • How to lift appropriately
  • Common running injuries and what to do about them
  • How your structure affects function

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About Dr. Tania

Dr. Tania Howard isn't your typical conventional doctor. In her 20+ years in practice, she's worked with countless individuals to help bring them ultimate health, wellness, and happiness in their everyday lives. Dr. Tania owns her own practice, Broadneck Chiropractic, and delivers honest, no-nonsense advice with her "Dr. Oz meets Bethenny Frankle" approach at She's also a mom, a half-marathoner and triathlete.

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