"Hydration in the Heat" Clinic + FuelBelt Tester Run!

Hydration in the Heat" Clinic + FuelBelt Tester Run

Date: Wednesday, August 15th at 6:15pm


Join us Wednesday, August 15th at 6:15pm for a “Hydration in the Heat” Clinic led by our FuelBelt expert, Mark Johnson!

As runners and walkers, it is crucial to replace the hydration and electrolytes we loose during activity. A planned out hydration strategy can mean the difference between dangerous dehydration issues, or finishing the your workout or race fueled and strong.

Our FuelBelt expert will discuss:

  • Finding a baseline for your sweat rate
  • Pre, During and Post workout hydration
  • Race day hydration success
  • How much you should drink
  • Electrolyte hydration options
  • Hydration tools and products

After the clinic, you’ll have the opportunity to go on a “FuelBelt Tester Run” to try out different FuelBelt hydration products and find what’s best for you!

All attendees will receive a FREE 7oz FuelBelt bottle, and “Top Ten” Hydration Tips Card to take home!

Plan to come? Please RSVP to Noelle.tarr@fleetfeetannapolis.com

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