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The North Face Vectiv Infinite

The new Vectiv Infinite is a trail shoe that uses a PEBAX plate to provide a great combination of forward propulsion and stability in a trail shoe. The North Face intends “to disrupt the trail footwear category” with the Vectiv series of shoes. Like the plate technology pioneered by brands such as Nike and Saucony, the Vectiv plate is shaped to provide a rocker feel that will propel you forward. The North Face, however, adjusts the technology for the trail by bringing the plate up at the edges, essentially “wrapping” the foot for better stability on the trail. The Infinite is the most protective of these new trail shoes and is a great shoe for putting on the miles. Three millimeter lugs provide great traction and the new Matrix upper material that incorporates Kevlar weave fiber is extremely durable on the trail. The Vectiv Infinite provides a new technology and a new way to interact with trails. It is definitely worth checking out.


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